Gear Repair Time Slot

Gear Repair Time Slot

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Sound Town Inc. Repair Standard Terms & Conditions…

Repair Deposit; The repair deposit ($100) is NON-REFUNDABLE, however the deposit will apply toward the cost of repairs.  If in the event the item is unrepairable (see below) the deposit is considered a ‘bench fee’ to compensate for the time and cost of examination and testing the item. 

‘Need It Now’ Upgrade;  A ‘Need it Now’ upgrade ($200) is a NON-REFUNDABLE expedite fee to move your item into ‘as soon as possible’ in the repair cue and DOES NOT apply toward the cost of repairs.

Ability to Repair; The ability to repair the item, the time required to perform the repair, and cost to complete the repair is contingent upon a variety of factors including but not limited to; age of equipment, availability of parts, support from the manufacturer (service manuals, schematics, troubleshooting assistance, etc.) and the ability to properly diagnose the problem and determine a viable course of repair. 

No-Repair ‘Unrepairable’; It is possible that based on the factors listed above under Ability to Repair, that no repair is possible, the item will be deemed ‘unrepairable’, and returned to the customer ‘as-is’. 

Estimated Cost; If the projected cost of repair exceeds the initial $100 deposit, the customer will be notified and given an estimated cost to repair.  This is an estimate only, and the total actual cost may be higher or lower depending on the actual labor, parts, and supplies required.

Collection of Property; If in the event the customer does not collect the property (item to be repaired) within 60 days of notification that item is ready for pickup, the item will become property of Sound Town Inc. to be dispositioned at their discretion.  As a courtesy, repeated attempts to contact the customer will be made prior to disposition. 

Repair Warranty; The repair work is covered by a 90 guarantee, such that if the unit fails as a direct result of the repair work within a 90 period after customer pickup, Sound Town Inc. will accept return of the item and attempt repairs at no additional charge.  This warranty only applies to issues specifically relating to the prior repair, and not to the entire unit by default. 

Keyboards/Synths; There is the possibility that a repair operation will delete all default and user generated files.  WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND CREATING A BACKUP BEFORE BRINGING IN FOR REPAIR.

We do not provide the service of backing up or installing sound files as most keyboards/synths utilize their own proprietary hardware, software and method to manage files. This is compounded by the fact that many vintage/legacy units use formats that are no longer supported (floppy drives, legacy Windows formats etc). 

Therefore it would be quite laborious, expensive and time-consuming for us to have all types of hardware and software available to handle copying and transferring data to/from thousands of models of keyboards from various manufacturers, let alone the research required to determine each specific units method of file transfer and backup.


Sound Town has been repairing equipment for over 26 years and counting.

We offer bench and field repair with trained professional technicians and first quality equipment.