Why do Sound Town lessons rock?

We have the best instructors! Sound Town offers lessons in most any instrument you could be interested to learn. Check out our awesome instructors below!

Music Lessons
Music Lessons


Tony Goffredi

Tony Goffredi is a guitarist, solo musician, and instructor born and raised in Denver, CO.

He has over 15 years of experience on acoustic and electric guitars and 8 years of experience instructing guitar. He is fluent in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and taught foreign language with Denver Public Schools before becoming a full-time musician.

He has been playing gigs in the Denver area for over 5 years in various capacities as a solo artist, with a duo group, or with my bands—the latest of which is One Way Ride. 

Piano, Organ & Electric Keyboards

Jessica Crossthwaite

Jessica Crossthwaite, PhD with a Masters in Music from Keystone MasterStudies, has been teaching and performing for much of her life. She is skilled at teaching children and adult begginners. Many methods have been used but she combines a few of the top choices and has great results because of her diversity. Sound Town is honored to have Jess as part of our instructor team!


Lannie Shelton

Violinist Lannie Shelton grew up in Colorado and happily teaches violin to kiddos and performs in various contexts including regular shows at the Vintage Theatre and in Westword Magazine award-winning experimental band the Pinkhawks. Lannie often performs on the Sound Town Sessions Stage & Live Music Venue.

Drums & Percussion

Matt McElwain

Born in Denver, Colorado, Matt McElwain has traveled the country performing in bands. He takes pride in his ability to traverse genres and adapt to any musical situation. McElwain is now offering lessons, samples, grooves and other content to keep you inspired and growing as a drummer.

Singing / Vocals

Phillip Lucas

“Phil Phil”, as his students call him, has been a touring performer, on stage and with vocal singing troupes throughout the US. Now based in Colorado, you’ll find him teaching and singing here at Sound Town and for Virtual Sessions on-line. You can catch his performances at The old ‘Pec’, Dazzle, Oriental and at Sound Town’s live music venue stage.

Contact us today for an initial vocal training interview and let us know what your singing goals are. Mr. Lucas will hone in and get your abilities trained and where you want to be vocally!

Karaoke Training

Kat Moore

Kat Moore is the Founder of Kat’s Meow Karaoke, a longtime Colorado leader in mobile Karaoke Parties. She will train you on crowd interaction, seamless song segues and song choice.

Tech instruction includes: PCDJ, HoneyBook, Arcade, Final Scratch, Tracktor, ProDJ and Pioneer Live Karaoke Software. As well as Wireless Microphone choices and how to protect performers PPP during COVID higher alerts.

You will receive on the job experience, as Kat performs multiple weekly shows that you can work and invite your fans to attend!

Production, DJ Training & Studio Engineering

Mike McDonald

Mike has a certification from ACC in Sound Engineering which covered principles of acoustics, live and studio engineering, theory, history, and live performance.

He specializes and is trained on:
-Pro Tools
-Studio One
-Audio Manipulation
-Assigning MIDI

Bi-Lingual Music Lessons

Sound Town Joe

A Sound Town exclusive! Any of our lessons can be offered with our in-house translator. Long time team member, “Sound Town Joe” will sit in and assist with our proven learning/teaching system to enable everyone to learn music!